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Top 10 Toys for a Border Collie: Engaging and Durable Options

Updated: Jun 3

Introduction to Border Collies

A Border Collie tongue out holding a blue herding ball with front paws on the grasses.

Border Collies are a remarkable breed of herding dogs known for their high energy and intelligence. They originated in the border region between Scotland and England, where they were primarily used for herding livestock, particularly sheep; originally bred to herd sheep. This breed is highly active, alert, and eager to learn, showcasing impressive athleticism and unmatched stamina.

With their agility and herding prowess, Collies have earned a well-deserved reputation as exceptional working dogs.

Border Collies require a substantial amount of physical and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Their innate herding instincts, combined with an intense desire to work, make them one of the most active dog breeds. They crave constant engagement and are not content with simply lounging around the house.

A failure to provide them with sufficient activity can lead to behavioral issues, including anxiety and destructiveness.

A herding dog in front of a wall sitting next to a red herding ball

Given their high activity levels, selecting the right dog toys for Border Collies is crucial in keeping them entertained and engaged. Dog toys that stimulate their intellect, challenge their agility, and satisfy their chewing needs are particularly beneficial. Interactive dog toys, puzzle toys, tug toys and fetch toys can all be excellent options or best toys for this breed. The top 10 toys for Border Collies will be those that cater to their energy levels and stimulate their keen intelligence.

Dog toys are not just a luxury, but a necessity for Border Collies. They play a vital role in addressing the extensive physical and intellectual needs of this breed. Regular active play with countless toys can help in consuming their surplus energy, reducing the possibility of the development of undesirable behaviors. Moreover, toys can aid in fulfilling their instinctual needs such as herding, chasing, and retrieving, thus providing a constructive outlet for their inbuilt drives.

At the same time, the importance of toys that to cognitive development. Given the Border Collie's exceptional intellectual capacities, toys that challenge their problem-solving skills can stimulate their minds and prevent boredom. Mental stimulation is equally as critical as physical activity for this breed, and a variety of puzzle toys or interactive dog toys can be used to keep them mentally sharp and engaged. Consequently, the right toys can contribute significantly to the overall well-being and happiness of a collie.

Understanding top 10 toys for border collie

a red herding ball at the middle of the 2 herding ball tongue out sitting on a grasses

When selecting toys for your collie, it's essential to understand their unique characteristics and needs. Renowned for their unmatched intelligence and high energy levels, these herding dogs require toys that are more than simple chew items. Toys that stimulate both their physical and mental faculties are ideal.

These include puzzle toys that challenge their intellect, interactive toys that engage their curiosity and fetch toys that cater to their inherent natural instinct to retrieve. Moreover, it's crucial to consider the durability of the toys.

Border Collies are known for their intense chewing habit, and providing them with sturdy toys can make a significant difference in their overall health and happiness. This not only ensures your dog's safety by preventing choking hazards but also proves more cost-effective in the long run. Squeaky toys, rope toys, and Kong-type toys are popular choices due to their toughness. Ultimately, understanding Border Collies' specific needs can help you choose toys that will keep them entertained, challenged, and content.


an border collie tongue out sittin next to a blue herding dog on grasses in a back yard

The size of the toy is another pivotal factor to consider when selecting toys for your Collie. Some toy type that are too small can be easily swallowed or become choking hazards, posing a serious threat to your pet's safety.

On the other hand, toys that are too large may not be engaging enough as they may prove difficult for your Border to play with or carry around. Hence, choosing a great toy of the appropriate size - not too small to be a choking risk and not too large for your dog to handle - is key to ensuring safe and enjoyable playtime.

Durability, as mentioned, holds crucial importance when picking out a dog toy for Border Collies. Given their intense chewing habit, Collies can quickly destroy toys that lack durability, which may lead to potential hazards such as ingestion of small parts. Moreover, most toys that wear out quickly may prove expensive in the long run as they need to be replaced frequently. As such, investing in high-quality, durable toys made of robust materials can save pet owners from potential health risks and unnecessary expenses, ensuring a long-lasting, safe, and engaging play experience for their Border Collies.


Safety is paramount when considering the best dog toys for Border Collies. One

aspect to keep in mind is the material of the toy. Opt for rubber toys made of non-toxic materials to prevent any harmful chemical ingestion that could pose health

a border collie sitting behind of a blue herding ball, ready to play

risks for your dog.

Always read labels and research the product's safety standards before making a purchase. It's also advisable to avoid toys with small, easily detachable parts that your dog might swallow, causing intestinal blockages or choking hazards.

Another safety aspect is supervision during playtime. Despite the quality and safety ratings of a toy, there's always a slight chance that it could break into small parts during an intense play session.

Consequently, it's best to supervise your dog during playtime, especially when introducing a new toy. Regularly inspect toys for signs of wear and tear, replacing any that show significant damage. Thus, incorporating these safety considerations can ensure an enjoyable and secure playtime for your Border Collie.

Toys For Border Collies

Chew Toys

border collie sitting behind a navy herding ball on ground of a yard

Chew toys are an excellent choice for Collies. These intelligent and energetic dogs require consistent mental and physical stimulation, which a chew toy readily provides. These toys satisfy a Collie's natural urge to chew while promoting dental health by helping to clean teeth and gums.

The Chew toy also offers an outlet for puppies during their teething phase, providing relief from discomfort. Durable chew toy made from robust, non-toxic materials are ideal, as they can withstand the strong jaws of a Border Collie, ensuring safe and prolonged engagement.

Hence, the chew toy is not just a source of entertainment for a dog to chew it but also a tool for promoting their overall well-being. Be careful for a choking hazard, when your dog chews the dog toy, or any harm to your dog's teeth.

Interactive Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys, or any interactive dog toys, are another fantastic option for mental exercise. Recognized for their intelligence, Border Collies thrive on mental stimulation, which these toys amply provide. Puzzle toy often involves a treat-dispensing mechanism that encourages herding dogs to figure out how to retrieve the reward. The harder puzzles, the more fun dog gets. Not only do these toys provide an intellectual challenge, but they also keep your dog engaged for extended periods, thereby minimizing the chances of destructive behavior borne out of boredom.

Furthermore, puzzle toys can be used as an effective training tool, helping to reinforce problem-solving skills and patience. Therefore, a puzzle toy cater perfectly to a Collie's high intelligence and energy levels, making them a fantastic choice for this breed. Puzzle games are great option for most dog owners. When dog owners reward their dog with large treats, puzzle toy would be their favorite toy.

Rope Toys

These toys make an excellent addition to a Collie's toy collection due to their

a border collie jumping to yellow herding ball on grasses in a backyard

versatility and durability. Designed to withstand vigorous tug-of-war games, these toys are perfect for this lively breed's physical engagement. The thick knots in rope toys cater well to a Border Collie's instinctual desire to chew, aiding in dental health by reducing plaque build-up. Moreover, those toys can serve as an interactive tool between the dog and their owner, fostering a stronger bond through play. Their lightweight design also makes them suitable for fetch games, providing both mental and physical exercise for Border Collies.

Hence, rope toys are not just durable but also cater to multiple aspects of a Border Collie's needs, making them an excellent choice for this active and intelligent breed.

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys bring a thrill of excitement to a Border Collie's playtime. As a breed renowned for their high energy and herding instincts, the noise emitted by a squeaky toy provides an excellent mental stimulus that invokes their natural predatory instincts. The squeak of these toys mimics the sound of prey, thus stirring their curiosity and encouraging active engagement.

In addition, the unpredictable nature of when the toy will squeak can keep a Border Collie entertained for longer durations, providing a good outlet for their boundless energy. Beyond just being fun, squeaky toys can also aid in training exercises, teaching herding dogs about cause-and-effect relationships. Therefore, squeaky toys offer a multi-faceted approach to play, meeting both the physical and cognitive needs of this highly intelligent and active breed.

Plush Toys

a border collie and a kelpie  chasing after blue herding ball in a park

Plush toys are another great option for dogs. These cuddly, soft toys can provide comfort and help reduce anxiety when the dog are left alone, thus offering emotional support to this sensitive breed. Interesting textures and sounds incorporated into plush toys can also stimulate a Border Collie’s senses, keeping them entertained and their mind engaged.

Although they may not be as durable as other toys, especially for strong chewers, they can still be a favorite due to their soft and cozy nature, especially for a border collie puppy. Some owners even use a plush toy for indoor to play fetch, making it versatile in their use. In short, plush toy can add a layer of variety to a Collie's toy collection, catering to their emotional needs while still offering opportunities for active play.

Tennis Balls

a border collie chasing after a red herding ball on grasses

Tennis Balls are a classic, time-tested toy that is exceptionally suitable for all active dogs. These balls are perfectly sized for these herding dogs to catch in their mouths, making them an excellent choice for outdoor fetch games. The bounce and roll of a tennis ball helps to excite their instinctual drive for the chase, providing both mental and physical stimulation.

Furthermore, the tennis ball is lightweight, easy to carry, and durable enough to withstand vigorous play. Although not typically designed for prolonged chewing, they can still offer a mild dental benefit through the gentle cleaning action on the dog's teeth during play. It's important to supervise play to ensure the ball isn't chewed apart, to prevent any accidental ingestion.

Overall, tennis balls can provide a simple yet effective way to engage your Border Collie's active nature, or any active dog breed, satisfying their need for exercise and mental stimulation.

Disc Toys

a border collie holding a red herding ball on grasses

Disc toys, also known as frisbees, are another fantastic choice for Border Collies. Bred as herding dogs, These herding dogs possess a natural agility and speed, which makes them particularly adept at frisbee games. The challenge of leaping into the air to catch the frisbee caters to their high energy levels and need for constant dog's attention.

Additionally, frisbee games can help improve their coordination and reflexes. Disc toys are typically made from durable materials, ensuring they will last while also being safe for the dog's mouth. It's important, as with all toys, to supervise playtime to prevent any potential damage to the toy resulting in accidental ingestion. In essence, disc toys offer a fun, active, and mind-engaging way for dogs to play, exercise, and burn off their abundant energy.

Treat-Dispensing Toys

Treat-dispensing toys - or food dispensing toys - are an excellent option for herding dogs due to their inherent

2 herding dogs herding a blue herding ball on grasses

intelligence and need for mental activity. These toys require the dog to solve a puzzle to get to the reward hidden inside, a process that keeps their mind sharp and engaged. Collies love solving problems. The reward, usually a favorite treats, or treat balls provides immediate positive reinforcement, enhancing their problem-solving skills over time.

Border Collies, who are intelligent dogs and have problem-solving abilities, thrive with this type of stimulation. Treat-dispensing toys also encourage slower eating, which can be beneficial for digestive health for a food-motivated puppy as well. As with other toys, supervision is advised to ensure the toy remains intact and safe for use. In short, these toys offer a combination of mental challenges and tasty rewards that dogs love to keep your dog entertained and satisfied.

Rubber Bouncing Balls

a border collie herding a red herding ball on grasses near a forest

Rubber bouncing balls are another brilliant choice for the these dogs due to their unpredictability and capacity to engage the dog's chase instinct. The erratic bounce of these balls satisfies the Border Collies' instinctual need to herd, providing them with endless fun and exercise.

These balls also promote mental stimulation as the dog tries to anticipate the ball's trajectory. Furthermore, rubber balls are typically durable and resistant to sharp canine teeth, making them a long-lasting toy option. They can also double as a teething aid for puppies, providing a safe and appropriate outlet for their chewing needs. Therefore, rubber bouncing balls provide both physical exercise and mental stimulation, making them a suitable toy for energetic and intelligent breeds like Border Collies.

Herding Balls

Herding Balls are a spectacular choice for Collies due to their inherent herding

instincts. These larger, sturdy balls are designed to be pushed, but not picked up, closely mimicking the experience of herding a flock of sheep. This not only provides a significant amount of physical exercise but also satisfies the dogs' instinctual drive. The dog must use strategy and problem-solving to maneuver the ball, which can contribute to mental stimulation. Some herding balls are also made with noise-making elements, adding an extra layer of interest and engagement for the dog. Thus, herding balls provide a fantastic blend of physical activity and mental challenge, aligning perfectly with the needs and characteristics of herding dogs.

Why Collieball™ IS ONE of top10toys for border collie

The Collieball™ is the best toy choice for Border Collies due to its unique design and

a border collie tongue out standing  behind a red herding ball on grasses

features. Made specifically for dogs with high energy and intelligence levels, the Collieball™ offers both physical and mental stimulation. It is robust, large, and difficult to pick up, mimicking the herding experience that Collies inherently crave.

The ball's indestructible nature provides rough play and encourages strategic thinking as the dog needs to maneuver it without lifting it, similar to herding sheep. Furthermore, its textured surface encourages prolonged interaction, and its size ensures safety, minimizing the risk of choking.

The CollieBall™, therefore, is not just a toy but a tool that caters to the energetic, intelligent, and instinctual nature of Border Collies, making it an ideal toy for this breed. Furthermore, it is a great gift in Chistmas for people who own border collie.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Toy for Your Border Collie

Your dog's size and age

When choosing toys for herding dogs, it is essential to take into account your dog's

size and age. For puppies, it's recommended to opt for smaller, softer toys suitable for dog's teeth and jaws. However, as the dog matures, the toy's size should also increase to prevent accidental swallowing or choking. Larger toys, challenging to carry around, can provide more significant mental stimulation for adult Border Collies. Additionally, durable toys are ideal for fully grown Collies due to their high energy levels and strong jaws. Thus, it's crucial to select age and size-appropriate toys to ensure your Border Collie's safety and enjoyment. Also, staying away from cheap toys is also a safety issue.

Your dog's preferences and play style

Every Border Collie has unique preferences and a distinct play style that should be taken into account when selecting a toy. Some dogs may prefer playing fetch-based games, making balls or frisbees an excellent choice. Others may enjoy tug-of-war or have a strong prey drive, making squeaky toys or tug toys more suitable. Puzzle toy could be a for those who enjoy mental challenges. Observe your dog during playtime to understand what excites and engages them the most. The aim is to choose a toy that will keep your dog entertained, stimulate their senses, and satisfy their instinctual needs. Ultimately, a toy that aligns with your dog's preferences and play style will ensure they stay active, mentally stimulated, and happy. Best toys for border collies should be durable and exciting.


In conclusion, it is of paramount importance to consider your Border Collie's size, age, preferences, and play style when selecting toys. Starting with softer and smaller

options for puppies and gradually moving to larger, more durable toys as they mature safeguards their health while keeping them entertained. Furthermore, each dog exhibits unique behaviors during playtime, meaning that you need to align toys with their preferences and play style for optimal engagement.

a border collie chasing after a red herding ball on grasses in a backyard

Among the plethora of toy options, herding balls emerge as a top choice for Border Collies. As a breed, Collies are herding dogs with high energy levels, intellect, and a strong prey drive. Herding balls mimic the movement of prey, thereby satisfying their natural instincts while offering a challenging physical activity. This not only meets their physical needs but also provides mental stimulation that keeps them entertained for extended periods.

The CollieBall™ is a particularly great choice of a herding ball for your Collie. It is designed with a durable material to withstand the breed's strong jaws and high energy levels. Moreover, its size prevents any choking hazards, catering to both safety and fun. Therefore, the CollieBall™ successfully combines the crucial elements of size, durability, and entertainment value, making it an excellent addition to your Border Collie's toy collection. It will be one of your dog's favorite toys.

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