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Stoked Dogs
Human Friends


We do love herding \ working dogs; Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Kelpie, English Sheep Dog and many more…


They are highly intelligent, energetic, athletic, loyal and happy as long as they are active.

These friends are the smartest breeds of all family with a cost of having mental energy beside than the physical. And sometimes it might be challenging for human friends to find the right toy \ game to make these puppies calm and stoked!

At that point here we have CollieBall…

It is the safest and most fun herding ball for dogs.

IMG-5986 (1).jpg

Ultimate Mental &
Physical Stimulation Toy

CollieBall is a herding ball designed for both psychical and mental stimulation for the Herding\Working Dogs.

It is a clever way to satisfy their herding instinct, and make our 4 legs friends wear out their physical and mental energy.

We do love our herding\ working friends, and by their nature they do look for a job or something to herd!


Gift them and yourself a CollieBall!


Designed to be
Tough & Safe

It began with a question.


How can we make Huckleberry spend her mental and physical energy in a safest and efficient way?

After searching, trying, sewing, and making Huckleberry to test, we ended up with a most safe and fun dog ball of the market.


CollieBall has 2 layers, the inner layer is a thick exercise ball whereas the outer layer is 1680 Denier ballistic fabric which makes the CollieBall tough, safe and bouncy!


We use heavy duty nylon thread with double stitch accompanied heavy duty zipper with detachable zipper puller so they can not grab anything.


Ohh it is Fun!

Better than a treat!




What can replace of having your nature to be satisfied!




These highly smart friends are born to work \ herd, and they are stoked when they have chance to live their nature.


And CollieBall is the only herding ball bouncy and safe for nose work!

CollieBall help your dog to live her\his herding nature,

it is well known fact that ‘herding ball’ might

result in a happier, better-behaved dog.


Giving your dog a herding ball to play with might help reduce problem behaviors like:

barking, chewing, digging, chasing dogs, people, cars, or bikes and nipping!

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