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a black and white border collie and another brown dog are sitting next to red herding ball on a green grass while their tongues are out of their mouth.

CollieBall - Original Herding Ball

Introducing the CollieBall Original Herding Ball – a top-of-the-line herding ball designed specifically for dogs.


This ball is made to provide your pup with the safest and most fun herding experience possible. Crafted with both PVC and rubber balls, the CollieBall is then covered in a ballistic nylon fabric to ensure even more durability with double zipper.


It comes in four eye-catching color options as well as three different sizes – perfect for German Shepherds, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, and all other dogs alike!


The Collieball Original Herding Ball is sure to become your dog's favorite toy! Get it today and give them something to look forward to every day!

a blue merler border collie is chasing a navy color herding ball

Ultimate Mental &
Physical Stimulation Toy

CollieBall is a herding ball designed for both psychical and mental stimulation for the Herding\Working Dogs.

It is a clever way to satisfy their herding instinct, and make our 4 legs friends wear out their physical and mental energy.

We do love our herding\ working friends, and by their nature they do look for a job or something to herd!


Gift them and yourself a CollieBall!

herding ball

Designed to be
Tough & Safe

It began with a question.


How can we make Huckleberry spend her mental and physical energy in a safest and efficient way?

After searching, trying, sewing, and making Huckleberry to test, we ended up with a most safe and fun dog ball of the market.


CollieBall has 2 layers, the inner layer is a thick exercise ball whereas the outer layer is 1680 Denier ballistic fabric which makes the CollieBall tough, safe and bouncy!


We use heavy duty nylon thread with double stitch accompanied heavy duty zipper with detachable zipper puller so they can not grab anything.

blue merle border collie is trying bite a navy herding ball on field

Ohh It is Fun

Better than a treat!




What can replace of having your nature to be satisfied!




These highly smart friends are born to work \ herd, and they are stoked when they have chance to live their nature.


And CollieBall is the only herding ball bouncy and safe for nose work!

Black and White Border Collie is standing next to dirty navy colored herding ball on grass.
A tongue out pitbull is standing next to red herding ball on green grass
Red heeler is trying to bite a yellow herding ball on a sunny day.
Black german shepherd is standing behind navy color herding ball on green grass

What is the CollieBall?

The CollieBall is a herding ball designed specifically for herding and working dogs. It's a unique toy that provides both physical and mental stimulation, helping to satisfy herding instincts and burn off energy in a fun, safe way.

What breeds is the CollieBall suitable for?

The CollieBall is perfect for any herding or working breeds, such as Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs, Kelpies, English Sheep Dogs, Corgis, German Shepherds, and many more. 

What is the CollieBall made of?

The CollieBall consists of two layers. The inner layer is a thick exercise ball/needle ball, while the outer layer is made from 1680 Denier ballistic fabric with a double zipper. This combination makes the CollieBall tough, safe, and bouncy.

How does the CollieBall help my dog?

Herding breeds are naturally energetic and intelligent, often needing tasks and activities to keep them occupied. The CollieBall provides a way for these dogs to satisfy their natural instincts and expend their energy, leading to a happier and better-behaved pet.

Can the CollieBall reduce problem behaviors?

Yes, using a herding ball like the CollieBall can help reduce problem behaviors like excessive barking, chewing, digging, and chasing. It provides a healthy outlet for your dog's energy and instincts.

Is the CollieBall safe for my dog's nose?

Absolutely! The CollieBall is the only herding ball that is bouncy and safe for nose work. Its design ensures that your dog can enjoy playing with it without risking harm to their nose.

How was the CollieBall concept developed?

The concept for the CollieBall came from a desire to find a safe and efficient way for our dog, Huckleberry, to spend her mental and physical energy. After much research, trial, and testing, we developed the CollieBall.

What makes the CollieBall better than other dog toys?

Unlike other toys, the CollieBall is designed specifically for herding and working breeds. It offers a unique way to fulfill their instinctual needs, and is built to be safe, durable, and bouncy. It's more than just a toy—it's a tool for a happier, healthier dog.

Is the CollieBall easy to clean?

Yes, the CollieBall is easy to clean. Thanks to its durable fabric and design, you can simply wipe it down or rinse it off as needed.

Where can I buy the CollieBall?

You can purchase the CollieBall directly from our website. We ship to US, UK, Canada, so you can easily get a CollieBall for your furry friend.

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