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  • One of the Best Dog Enrichment Toys in the Market!


    22 Inch (55cm) Diameter CollieBall is designed mental and physical stimulation for herding dogs.For our size guide, we usually recommend 22inch ball for pups around 35 pound or so.


    Only Herding Ball in the market, with double zipper design and with an option of needle valve ball.


    If you are looking for Herding Ball for Australian Cattle Dog or Herding Ball for Border Collie, this one is suitable for you


    CollieBall has 2 layers, the inner layer is a thick exercise ball whereas the outer layer is 1680 Denier ballistic fabric which makes the CollieBall tough, safe and bouncy!


    We use heavy duty nylon thread with double stitch accompanied heavy duty zipper with detachable zipper puller so they can not grab anything.


    We Offer two different types of inner ball for convinience:


    The yoga ball is easier and quicker to inflate and deflate, making it more suitable for apartment living. It requires inflation before each playtime session to maintain its optimal shape.


    The needle ball features is our innovative new design, allowing it to hold air for a longer period of time. However, it takes more time to inflate. Instead of an air plug, it comes with a self-closing mechanism that eliminates the need for a plug, and it can be inflated similar to a basketball


    CollieBall is delivered with special Drawstring bags.


    Package Includes

    Inner Ball


    Ballistic Cover


    Pump & Accessories


    Step - Step Manuel & Warnings


    Draw String Bag


    Extra Zipper Puller




    Ships from San Francisco \ California \ USA



    Due to the size of the ball, it contains huge amount of air, so ball is prone to contraction in the cold :\ This is stg we can not change, this is the nature of things. So we do advise inflate in the cold and keep it in the hot so the amount of contraction will be minimized.

    And this is not a reason for a change or refund

    , Thanks

    22 Inch (55cm) Diameter CollieBall Complete Package

    Excluding Sales Tax

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