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joined our family
right before pandemic,
yes she was small enough to
fit under couch :)

herding ball
Herding Ball

It did not take too long
for her
to find ‘natural ally’

That nice beginning did not continue the way it started; like thousands of Santa Cruz Mountain Residents, we were evacuated from wild fire too for 3 months.



After settling in to the Mid-West for temporarily, it was Huckleberry’s turn. However, both being somewhere unfamiliar and human friends’ anxiety from the fire did not really help.


This is exactly the starting point of CollieBall.


Huckleberry needs to live her nature, whether with a flock of sheep or something else. After searching quite of time, i decide to go with exercise ball, since it seems it was the most safe option.

HERE we go

Well, that first ball last less than 2 minutes!

But she was definitely stoked, which tell me, we are on the right path!

Here the second one, which last more than 10 minutes :) Not Bad!

And third one, which actually last couple of days with the help of correcting Huckleberry for not biting the ball.

However, it was time to roll up the sleeves!
Since It was obvious that ball requires a shield to stop her for popping it!

My Post

after Collieball :)

And some other friends with Herding Ball

Herding Ball
Herding Ball
Herding Ball
Herding Ball
Herding Ball
Herding Ball
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