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  • What's the size guide? How do I measure my pup's shoulder height?
    For our size guide, we usually recommend 22inch ball for pups around 35 pound or so. 30 inch balls are more fun but can be pretty big to handle. We recommend that to bigger Border Collies, Australian/ German Shepherds! If you have a smaller breed such as a Corgi, Small Australian Cattle Dog, Poodle, Toy Aussie, or similar, an 18 inch ball would be a perfect fit. The best way to measure your pup's height is from the highest point of their shoulder blades to the floor.
  • What is the difference between the yoga ball and the needle ball?
    The yoga ball is easier and quicker to inflate and deflate, making it more suitable for apartment living. It requires inflation before each playtime session to maintain its optimal shape. The needle ball is our innovative new design, allowing it to hold air for a longer period of time. However, it takes more time to inflate. Instead of an air plug, it comes with a self-closing mechanism that eliminates the need for a plug, and it can be inflated similar to a basketball
  • How easily can the ball pop? How durable is it for rough players?
    For Us, our furry friend's safety is the most important thing! It is because we design a soft enough to keep them safe and tough enough to stop them popping the ball. CollieBall's idea is that a pup's jaw can not be wide open to bite a huge sphere. So the ball is good to play and doesn't pop as long as it is fully inflated! Supervising our pups during playtime and play in open spaces, so how long it lasts depends on the usage. CollieBall is an air filled ball with a ballistic cover compared to other hard plastic herding balls on the market and we prioritize safety and a fun playtime. We never advertise CollieBall as 'indestructible' toy like any other dog toy and sometimes it is not the best fit for strong, rough player pups that are too strong for air filled balls. And at the end, even some of pups popped the CollieBall, replacing inner ball make them go back the herding game smoothly.
  • How to store Collieball?
    Like any other ball inflated with air Collieball is prone to contractions due to the temperature changes. Please don't leave your ball outside in the summer time even in the shadow areas as the high temperatures will make the inner ball expand and rip the outer cover We recommend storing the ball in a temperature controlled environment, at your house or if you have a basement if possible, in unreachable spots so the pups don't get a chance to play unsupervised
  • How much is it to ship overseas? How long does shipping take?
    Please refer to our checkout page as it provides the most accurate shipping cost calculation based on your specific address. Shipping within the USA typically takes 2-3 days, while shipping to Canada takes approximately one week. Shipping times may vary for other locations.
  • How does Collieball do in the snow/cold?
    The cold weather is completely okay however the play time gets limited around 15 min or so as the ball deflates faster in the cold. Even if it deflates, you can fill it, the only thing is please supervise and do not let your dog grab it when it deflates.
  • What currency are the prices listed in on the website?
    The website is set to USD and converts the amount to your own currency when it charges to your card.
  • I bought the 30 inch ball and my inner ball is too small
    Please inflate the ball fully and let it stay overnight and inflate again until no wrinkles are left the next day. The inner ball is actually the correct size and should expand to be the same size as the cover so there shouldn't be any space or wrinkles left!
  • The ball won't hold air
    CollieBall is not a set it, leave it toy, like any other ball inflated with air, it is prone to deflation. That is why manual 'deflation' is inevitable with yoga balls and it is not a reason for a refund or exchange. Since the new ball will do the exact same thing However, we are working on a new type inner ball that will hold the air way longer than yoga ball, we hope to announce it's release in March 2023
  • Dog's scared - how to introduce them so they can have fun?
    If you would like to train your dog to herding, a suggestion would be using treats for scared pups. The trick involves introducing the ball slowly, starting with a half-inflated ball and a treat underneath it. Allow the pup to become familiar with the ball without letting them grab the treat. Over the next few days, gradually increase the inflation of the ball while continuing to place a treat underneath it. By doing this, the pup will learn that pushing the ball leads to a reward.
  • What is the return / refund policy?
    Like any other dog toy we can not give guarantees for being indestructible. CollieBall is good as long as it is fully inflated and used following the instructions. We do replace/ refund any defective item and fix the issues within 60 days of purchase. Please note that our warranty policy does not cover purchases of incorrect sizes. It's important to consider that breeds like German Shepherds and ACDs are known for their strength, and even though they may have a shorter and stockier build, they typically require a larger size than their body type.
  • In what condition can items be returned?
    We accept returns and offer a full refund if the item is unused. We refund via the method paid. However we do not provide prepaid shipping labels for refund requests. For the used/ resalable covers we apply a %15 deducting for restocking but do refund the rest to the method paid. We do not accept returns and offer refunds for the misused items. Please keep in mind that we have a %10 restocking fee for all returns since it is someone's job to check the return packages, repackage them and issue refunds appropriately.
  • What should I do if I made a typo while entering my shipping address / my package was delivered to the wrong address?
    If you accidentally entered an incorrect shipping address, please contact us at as soon as possible. We can assist you in correcting the address before the package is shipped out within 24 hours. In the event that your package is delivered to the wrong address due to an incorrect shipping address, we can only resend the package if it is returned to us. If this occurs, we can reship the package to the correct address once the shipping costs have been paid in full.
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