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Your Dog's Best Friend: The CollieBall, Original Herding Ball

Updated: Jul 3

Herding Ball

Herding Ball for Dogs
Herding Ball

There are few things as heartwarming as seeing your four-legged friend bounding with joy, and we understand the thrill of it. We at CollieBall, an original herding ball, believe that every dog - and every dog owner - deserves the best, especially when it comes to toys. So, let us introduce our star product, designed explicitly for herding dogs - the CollieBall!

A Solution to Satisfy Herding Instincts

The sight of a Border Collie herding livestock, an Australian Shepherd rounding up cattle, or a Kelpie keeping ducks in line, and a German Shepherd leading a flock of sheep, or small dogs like Corgi, is nothing short of poetry in motion. These herding dogs are hyperactive dogs and have natural instincts to herd, which are deeply ingrained in their DNA. But what happens when these dogs - and other dogs - have intrinsic herding behaviors and live in a suburban environment, far removed from the expansive grasslands or farms? Any dog owners of Australian cattle dogs, German shepherds, Australian shepherds, Border collies, or any one of many herding breeds know the challenge.

The CollieBall, Original Herding Ball: A Fun and Challenging Toy for Herding Dogs!

That's where the CollieBall, the Original Herding Ball comes in. It is designed to satisfy this herding instinct in a safe, fun, and stimulating manner. Herding balls are the perfect toy that serves as an outlet for your dog's physical and mental energy, keeping them engaged and happy, and helping them to channel their excess energy even in a back yard.

Whether you're looking for a way to keep your pup entertained or you're training them to herd, CollieBall Original Herding Ball is the best choice. Your pup will love chasing and playing with the ball. Even a small dog would appreciate exercise balls. We offer three size of herding balls.

Herding Ball for Dogs
Herding Ball

Tapping into the Power of the CollieBall's Design Features for Maximum Play Time Fun!

The CollieBall is designed specifically to meet those needs and satisfy the instincts of herding breeds. It’s a ball-shaped interactive toy crafted from high-quality materials that can withstand even the most vigorous of playtime sessions. The extra wide base makes it difficult for any pup to pick up or carry, eliminating the risk of your pet swallowing small pieces, and the bright colors make it easy to spot in any garden or dog park.

If you’re looking for innovative toys to keep your pet active, healthy, and happy with their herding behavior then the CollieBall is a fantastic option for dogs of all sizes and breeds! Not only does it provide hours of fun but its unique design also helps to satisfy their herding instinct in an exciting new way. So get yours today and give your pup a chance to be the top herding dog in town!

With the CollieBall, you can rest assured that you’re giving your pet what it needs. Not only is the CollieBall a great way to provide them with physical activity but it also helps to stimulate their brains and satisfy their herding instinct. It is the best way of outdoor play.

Wear Out Energy the Fun Way!

Working dogs are not just physically active; they are also highly intelligent and require stimulating activities to keep their minds sharp and natural instincts fed. The CollieBall is not just a toy, it's one of the best dog toys that helps wear out both physical and mental energy. This unique ball, with its tough, safe, and bouncy structure, makes for an exciting game that your dog won't easily tire of and gives your herding dog mental and physical stimulation.

Quality and Safety First

We know how much you love your dog, and we share that sentiment. The CollieBalls are made from thick exercise balls that are covered with 1680 Denier ballistic fabrics. This combination ensures that the ball is durable, safe, and can withstand even the toughest of doggy playtimes. And let's not forget the bounce - the perfect ingredient for a game of chase! It is one of the best dog toys in the market.

Reducing Problem Behaviors

Dogs, just like humans, can get bored. And when they do, they might resort to problem behaviors such as chewing on your favorite shoes or digging up your garden. By providing a stimulating toy like the CollieBall, you give your dog a positive outlet for their energy. This can result in a happier, better-behaved dog and a more peaceful household.

Without enough exercise active dog breeds feels bored, and develop behaviors that makes owners unhappy. Giving your dog a herding ball as a dog toy would not only help reduce problem behaviors like: barking, chewing, digging, chasing dogs, cats (or other pets) people, cars, or bikes, but also would give a fun way of playing and some kind of an agility exercise for your pets.

CollieBall: The Perfect Companion

Whether you are the proud owner of an English Sheep Dog, a Border Collie, an Australian Cattle Dog, or any other herding breed, the CollieBall can be a game-changer. It's a clever way to keep your dog's herding instincts satisfied and their energy levels in check.

At CollieBall, we are passionate about creating products that enhance the lives of our four-legged friends. We believe in the power of play and the joy it brings to both dogs and their humans. Our mission is to make your dog’s tail wag a little bit harder and their smiles a little bit wider.

Every CollieBall purchase comes with a promise of quality, safety, and endless fun for your furry friend. So, why wait? Add more bounce to your dog’s life with the CollieBall!


How does a herding ball work?

As their names say herding balls are balls whose size is large, heavy or hard enough to not be grabbed or not taken from a puppy. Herding dogs like Australian shepherds hit the herding balls like they herd animals, livestock. It is completely safe for your dog's nose.

What are the commands for herding a ball?

Use your dogs feet to move it around you. You can use this technique to herd animal parts. They are "off of me" at the right turn, come bye at a left turn and to me if he wants to get the ball at you.

What is the herding ball game for dogs?

How does a sled look? Treibball sometimes named Urban Herding is a sport of herding in which dogs throw big balls at targets. In actual competition the dog will herde eight big balls arranged according by the handler according to order.

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