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Tips for Calming an Active Border Collie - Herding Balls for Dogs

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

What is a Border Collie and Why Do They Need Special Attention?

Border Collies are a beautiful and extremely intelligent dogs that are known for their high energy levels. Furthermore, there are not many other dogs that have as much energy as border collies have. They are known to be originated in Scotland and were first bred to herd sheep and other livestock. Today, Border Collie dogs are popular pet dog breeds and working dogs around the world due to their high intelligence and trainability.

Herding Balls for Dogs
Herding Balls

However, their excess energy can be a challenge for some pet owners. Border Collies tend to need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep their minds and bodies healthy and calm. They have a unique body structure that makes them particularly sensible to certain health issues if they do not receive enough exercise to control their energy levels. Therefore, it is important to provide them with more energy burning opportunities to ensure border collies maintain their physical and mental health. Understanding a Border Collie's energy level is key to keeping them healthy and happy, and it is imperative to give them the special attention they need.

What Causes Border Collies to Have So Much Energy? Does Herding Balls works?

Border Collies are known for their limitless energy levels. A hyperactive nature is considered a breed trait, particularly noticed in the first half of a border collie's life span. They are natural working dogs, bred to herd livestock and other animals. The breed originated in between the Scottish and English border regions, where they were used mainly to herd sheep. They were prized for their intelligence and endless stamina, and as such, they need constant mental and physical stimulation.

A Border Collie requires a job or activity to keep them occupied, otherwise, they can become bored and destructive. So instead of blaming everything on their energy level, you should take proactive actions to ensure to keep your pet Border Collie entertained and away from suffering from potential health problems.

Regular exercise, socialization, and training are imperative to prevent behavioral issues. The breed's natural energy and drive make them excellent companions for those who have a similar lifestyle, loving an active and fulfilling daily routine.

Why Border Collies Don't Just Calm Down

A general mistake that new owners can make is just waiting until they feel comfortable with their dog. That was the first time that this happened. Hyperactivities dominated the whole time. These animals are born of energy. For many centuries, the people worked hording and raising cattle and had impressive abilities which needs a lot of stamina and a passion for activity. That's how Border Colies don't just "chill." It can take about two or three more years for a border collie puppy to become more calm and intelligent. Border Collies are born to get busy lives.

Are Female Border Collies Calmer Than Males?

Female Border Collies seems not to have as much intensity and activity as their male counterparts. It's a result that different sex hormones affect dogs differently. Women have more estrogen that helps relax the muscles. On the contrary male hormone increases the hyperactivity and thereby makes them more aggressive and tend to have higher energy level.

When to neuter a Border Collie?

Border collies usually need, some experts says, neutering in the first 4 to 9 months of life. Others however believe it would be better if owners wait until Border Collie's puberty. If you are not sure of if you want to get neutered, please contact your veterinarians. The question is often asked to several doctors who have experience in handling Border Collie's. Neutering can help the border collie to calm.

Will my Border Calm Down as He Ages?

Clearly, young Border Collies is in a higher energy state than a older relative. When dogs get older, they may have calmer moments and have more patience, but some assistance can speed things up. The older your dog gets the calm techniques learnt here, the more they'll benefit. Combining your training with an instinctive calm can help make collies calm. Nonetheless, an adolescent Border Collie will be at the apex of his/her energy level.

Understand the Behavior of an Active Border Collie - Exploring common behavior traits and causes of hyperactivity

As one of the most high-energy breeds, it’s not a suprise that the Border Collie has the reputation that as one of the most active and enthusiastic furry buddy. These dogs have so high energy level that keeping them entertained can feel like a full-time job! Understanding the causes of their hyperactivity and common behavior traits can help owners to use all of that energy in a productive way. From herding instinct to natural curiosity, there are a variety of factors that contribute to Border Collie energy levels. By providing plentiful exercise and stimulation, owners can help ensure that their Border Collie remains happy and healthy while also minimizing any destructive behaviors that could arise from excess energy.

Creating a Calming Environment – Strategies to reduce stimulation in the home

Creating a calming environment in your home is a must for both human and the border collie's health. If you're a dog owner, you know how important it is to help calm your dog, especially if they're one of the highly energetic dog breed such as border collies. One of the most effective strategies to reduce stimulation in the home is to limit sudden movements or loud noises. This can be achieved by creating a designated area for your dog that is quiet, comfortable and free from distractions of any kind.

Another way to provide a calm atmosphere to a border collie is to incorporate natural elements such as natural herbs or calming scents like lavender. Remember, a stress-free environment is essential to your dog's life, and by implementing these strategies, you can create a peaceful and tranquil home that benefits both you and your furry companion.

Training Your Border Collie to be Calm

My understanding is that training a puppy should start at the same time as you bring it home. Your next concern is training your Border Collie puppy, where he eats and sleeps. Let's start by learning to train ourselves. It's best that the dogs are taken into the Basic Obedience Training class with high levels of potential hyperactivity

In some cases, your Border Collie dog breed can be trained with a clicker and whistle commands. This is an excellent way to help keep his attention while directing him in the desired direction. It's also recommended that you create a structure of rules and regulations for your pet.

Trick training is great fun for both dogs and people. Mental training can also be just as tiring as physical exercise, thus using their mental abilities both help the border collie to calm and keep busy.

There are also some tranquilizers typically prescribed for most collies as a easy way to impulse control. Before using them, you should definitely consult to your veterinarian.

The Benefits of Canine Massage

Canine massage is another way of keeping a border collie calm. Massage of your dog will be beneficial to his health. Bonds with the furry friend will give him more energy. It builds their trust and friendships. Massage has several health advantages. It can improve circulation, reduce muscle pains and tension, improve flexibility, promote better sleep patterns, decrease inflammation, and increase relaxation and health of overall dog's body. It also releases endorphins which is a natural pain reliever.

Adding a massage time to training as a reward for your dog helps you to keep border collie calm and behave.

Exercise and Mental Stimulation - Tips for providing adequate physical and mental exercise

As a breed that's known for its high energy and intelligence, border collies need a quite a big amount of daily exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy, happy, and calm. But how do you give dog all the physical exercise and mental stimulation they need? The key is to strike a balance between physical activities like jogging or hiking and mental challenges like puzzle toys or obedience training.

A good exercise routine could include an hour-long hike in the morning followed by training sessions or toy play like a herding ball in the afternoon. Remember, the key to border collies calm is to make them tired both physically and mentally. Moreover the busier border collie's mental abilities, the calmer they are. They are the breed of hard work and dedication.

Exercising with your border collie dog breed can also be a fun activity. Start out on easy runs, then gradually increase the intensity and distance as he grows into an adult. This will help him stay fit, build muscle strength, burn off some excess energy and develop good behavior habits.

Herding Balls for Dogs
Herding Balls for Dogs

Training To Manage Hyperactivity – Practicing Training Techniques for Managing Excessive Energy

Managing hyperactivity in dogs can be a challenge for dog owners, particularly those with high-energy breeds like border collies. Fortunately, training techniques can help owners to teach their dogs to calm down and redirect their energy in more positive ways. This training not only benefits the dog, but also other dogs and people in their environment by reducing excessive barking and jumping. Consistency and patience are key when practicing these techniques, but with dedication and effort, even the most energetic collies can learn to calm themselves down and be better behaved companions.

Herding Balls for Dogs
Herding Balls

Establishing ground rules, like no jumping or barking without permission, and teaching basic commands like sit and stay are essential to creating a sense of control for both the dog and the owner. Positive reinforcement is also highly effective; rewarding good behavior with treats or verbal praise helps to encourage more calm responses from the dog.

Teaching "off switch" is another great way to help your dog to manage hyperactivity but keep in mind that this would be a great challenge for dog breeds like border collies, since they are live to work harder and harder.

Increase Your Border Collie Dog's Socialization

Socialization is a kind of mental stimulatory process, but this activity is so important that it needs a different section! In dogs, mental stimulation and socialization can be the key to boosting mental performance. Nothing keeps dogs mentally stimulated more than chasing and playing by one another. Not only will being socialized exhaust your dog, they'll develop social skills to become tolerant of strangers. See the dog park more often, invite friends over if you own dog, especially a border Collie or start Doggy Meetup Groups on Facebook.

nviting an Expert – When to seek professional help for calming an active Border Collie

Owning border collies dog can be a joyful experience, but it can also seem an impossible task to keep them calm. It is essential to recognize when professional help is necessary for your furry companion's well-being. While some behavior issues can be adjusted with regular training and exercise, certain health concerns may arise due to naturally occurring hormones in the breed. Seeking guidance from an expert in canine behavior and training can provide personalized and effective solutions to manage your border collie's behavioral concerns. As a responsible owner, it's important to prioritize your dog's needs and seek professional help when necessary.


In conclusion, when it comes to raising a border collie, it's important to have the correct training methods. Although most border collies are naturally active dogs, they can learn to use their energy in a positive manner with the help of regular exercise like herding balls. Since border collie dogs enjoy outdoor activities, it's also important to provide them with interactive toys that stimulate their herding minds and keep them engaged. Collieball

By providing proper training and outlets for physical and mental stimulation, an active person can enjoy a lifelong friendship with their collie. Remember to incorporate these key factors into your routine for a happy, healthy border collie companion. Every dog is different. They all have their own individual personality traits and may behave differently than what has been mentioned. However, these are some things that typically help keep Border Collies calm at home.

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